Six Pack Abs – Exercise, Meal, and Full Guide

Six Pack Abs - Exercise, Meal, and Full Guide
Six Pack Abs - Exercise, Meal, and Full Guide

Today Health and Fitness will be providing you the complete details about Six Pack Abs. Its complete exercises, meal or diet plan, and all other details. Six Pack Abs is one of the most loved muscular parts as it looks attractive. It also makes your physique strong.

Six-pack abs are most loved by today’s generation of people as it looks so attractive. Six-pack abs are also known as abdominal muscles. It is a paired muscle running vertically on both sides of the interior walls. Six-pack abs muscles can be built by both boys and girls by following some dieting and meal exercises and exercises.

Best Way to Get Six Pack Abs

Do More Cardio

Cardio exercises are also called aerobic exercises. It is any form of exercise that increases your heart rate. Cardio is also one of the best exercises to get six-pack abs. It helps you to burn more fat from your body and let your muscles see out.

Cardio can specially reduce belly fat which is more helpful to get six pack abs.

Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles

To get six-pack abs you have to focus more on your abdominal muscles. As 6-pack abs are the abdominal area muscles that can be built by more abdominal muscles. You have to train your abdominal muscles but have to give time to regenerate muscles. Although the muscles necessary for abs are also necessary for breathing, coughing also.

Abdominal Crunch, bridge, planks and legs raise are the most helpful exercises to exercise your abdominal muscles.

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Increase Your Protein Intake

Building your muscles for any part of the body your body requires a good amount of protein. And from your daily food meal, you did not get a sufficient amount of protein. So you have to increase your protein intake from specific protein-rich foods or food supplements.

You can have meat, eggs, pulses, dairy products, and nuts as they are protein-rich food and will help to increase the protein amount in your body. Protein-rich food helps you to preserve your metabolism and muscle mass gain even during weight loss.

In weight loss also need protein-rich foods. A person of X kg requires X gram of protein daily for your body.

Try High-Intensity Interval Training

You can also try high intensity interval training or HIIT, which involves high intense burst of activity and short recovey period. And in this whole process you heart rate is high which increase your fat burning process.

adding HIIT to your daily routine can increase your weight loss process and easily get six pack abs. It is also found that HIIt for 20 minutes three times a week can leps you to lose 2 kg of weight. One of the simplest way for HIIT at home is ti switch between walking and sprinting for 20-30 seconds at a time.

Stay Hydrated

Water is very important in every aspect of health. It not only make your body hydrated but also removes the waste from your body to make it healthy. Water also helps to bump your metabolism and it helps you to burn more belly fat which results in fast six-pack abs. It is recommended by most of the researchers to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily for a healthy body.

Drinking more water also helps you to improve your skin complexion. It also helps you to get rid of pimples as it removes the waste from the body and skin through urine or sweat.

Stop eating processed food

Heavily processes food such as chips, cookies and the food that contains high fat, calories and high carbohydrates should be avoided. All these types of food provides extra fat to the body and fat storing in your body will decrease the proces of six pack abs.

These foods are very low in typical nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and protein. These heavily processes food in rease your body weight and stores the extra fat in body.

It is recommended to have food which is rich in protein and fibre as it takes more energy to digest so more calories are burnt in this process. And stored fat is also burnt along that.

Cut back on refined carb

Cutting back on refined carbohydrates foods will help you to lose weight easily and gain six-pack abs. Refined carb products lose their vitamins and minerals which result in low nutrition level product which is not good for health.

It is also found that the person who eats refined grains has more belly fat as compared to the person who eats whole grain.

Eat more fiber

We have already mentioned in previous posts that eating fibre rich products can help you to lose weight easily and gain six pack abs. Fibre-rich products are produced from plant foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fibre can help to make your stomach fuller for a longer time which means your overeating habit can also be stopped by this process.

It is also found that adding fiber to your diet can help to prevent weight gain and fat accumulation in your body.

As recommended every time that muscles building of any part of the body requires both a healthy meal and good exercise training.  For abs also you have to train your body especially abdominal muscles accordingly.

Beginner’s Guide For Six Pack Abs

As a beginner, you can start with simple crunches and planks followed by a healthy meal or diet. But remember as a beginner starts with low repetitions as your abdominal part is not much stronger to have more repetitions. On the very first day, you should not have show your power to others as this will cause a problem for you.

You have to do a specific number of reps and sets in beginning. As in the energy you can do so many reps and sets on the first day but when muscles do not get time to recover you will have pain and you will not be able to do the exercises in the next few days.

You can have 15-20 reps of crunches and 3 sets as a beginner. And you can have 40-60 second of plank followed by 3 sets.

There is always a fluctuation in reps so do accordingly as per your body strength and capability.

Six Pack Abs Guide for Intermediate

If you are an intermediate you can increase the number of reps in your exercise routine but never do any mistake in your meal. As both are much more important.

For plank
Interval – 2 min
Sets – 3

For crunches
Reps- 25-30
Sets – 3

Leg Raise
Reps – 40-50
Sets – 3

As an intermediate, you can add more exercises to your daily routine to make it more stressful. As the same exercises, same day means your body will be habitual of those and can do those exercises easily. So you have to mix up more exercises to make it a little bit difficult.

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Six Pack Abs Guide For Advanced

Advanced people for six-pack abs can increase the more difficulty levels by following few steps. For planks, you can put some weight on your back to increase muscle stress for better results. And for crunches you can have some weight such as dumbells or weight plates in your hands to increase the difficulty level will be best.

For better results of the six-pack abs, you have to give some time to your muscles for recovery. Because without recovery your muscle growth can be affected. Each body part consists of cells and while doing any exercise or weight training, the cells break down so they require time to regenerate and recover the cells.

All information provided above is for educational purposes. Kindly consult your doctor or fitness trainer before starting any fitness program.

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