Weight loss is one of the common questions among all people. As today’s generation eats more junk food and unhealthy food. Earlier we do not notice the side effect of this tasty junk food. But this junk food contains bad fat and this bad fat stored in our body. This excess fat causes weight gain. So the main aim for weight loss is the decrease this extra fat stored in our body.

Before starting the main tips for weight loss we should clear the myths that most people have. Most people think that weight loss or fat loss can be done from the belly, hands, or legs separately. The real fact is fat burning can not be done from a single part of the body. For weight loss or fat loss, you need to train your complete body. As more calories are burnt the more fat is burnt and all this result in weight loss.

Tips for Weight Loss

Do not skip any Meal

You should not skip any meal especially breakfast. Some of us think that skipping a meal can help them to lose weight but in reality, it is not true. Because you should not miss the essential nutrition in aim to lose weight.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

You should always eat plenty or a good amount of fruits and vegetables because all these contain good nutrients and some fruits help you to increase the metabolism of the body and all this will help you to burn more calories and result in weight loss.

Be Always Active

Being active is the key to lose weight. If you are active the whole day and busy with some physical work then your body has to put more effort and this will helps you in fat loss and weight loss. And if you are lazy and you aren’t utilizing the body energy the extra fat will be stored in your body and all this causes weight gain.

Drink Plenty of Water

Some people eat some food when they feel thirsty and by this, they are replacing water with food and all this increases the calories in the body. You should always drink plenty of water because if you are drinking more water this will bring out all unwanted elements from the body and you will feel healthy.

Eat High Fiber Foods

Fiber is the most important for your weight loss. Because if you are consuming more fibre containing food, this will make you feel full more time. And your extra eating habit decreases and due to this you will consume fewer calories and burn the extra fat stored in your body. Fibre is only found in food from plants such as vegetables, oats, and fruits.

Use a Smaller Plate

Using a small plate at the time of meal will help you to eat less portion of food. And you will be well aware of the quantity of food you are consuming. And it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain to feel full. So you should eat slowly and stop before feeling full.

Do not Ban Food

You do not have to ban any food while you are on a diet for weight loss. You can eat any food that fits your daily calorie allowance. But this does not mean you will eat junk food or unhealthy food. Because a pizza or some fruits may have the same calories but the nutrients in a pizza are nothing. But in fruits, they will make you healthy and help you with weight loss.

Do Not Store Junk Food

You should not store any kind of junk food such as chocolates, chips, biscuits, or any sweet drink. Because if these junk foods are at your home and in front of your eyes you will eat some amount just in fun. Instead of this, you can store healthy snacks such as fruits, fruit juice, oats, etc.

Cut Down on Alcohol

A glass of alcohol contains as many calories as chocolate. And more calories will result in weight gain. So you should cut down the alcohol consumption.

Warning- Drinking alcohol is injurious to health and we do not recommend anyone.

Plan your Meal

Always try to plan your breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner. And add healthy food to your meal. Planning your meal will help you to eat more healthy food.

These are the best tips that you could use for weight loss. And some of these might not suits ant person. Always consider your dietitian or doctor before starting any training program. Because every person may have some other ways for weight loss. All pints mentioned above are general ways.

You should also perform some exercises to lose weight fast. And exercise not help in weight loss but this will help you to feel fit always. You should always give some time in a day for your body. And you could do some physical and some mental exercises or yoga. This will make your mental health also fit.


All information provided here is just for general purposes. Always consult your doctor, dietitian, or trainer before starting any fitness program.