In today’s post, H&F will be providing you the information about the Benefits of 100 Legs Raise Exercise for 30 days. Legs raise is one of the best exercises for abs and lose belly fat. It is just simple and you do not need any equipment for doing this exercise. Legs raise can be done at home by simply on a yoga mat or even on the floor also.

You should follow some guidelines before performing any exercise, especially abdominal exercises. You should always warm up your body before doing any of the exercises. You could simply do skipping ropes or pushups or situps for warming up your body for the next exercises. Because a warmed-up body burns more calories and reduces more fat.

Benefits of Legs Raise exercise

Helps to Reduce Weight

Legs raise exercise helps you to reduce weight as while doing the legs raise exercise your belly part is the part of the body that is performing the exercise. And most of the fat stored is at your belly portion. And if you focus more on the belly and do legs raise daily. More calories will be burned out from the stomach area and if fat is decreasing day by day your weight will also decrease. Not only from abdominal rea but you will lose weight from legs also.

Strengthen your Abdominal and Legs

By performing leg raise exercise daily it strengthens your abdominal part and your legs. It is one of the best and easy exercises for strengthening your core and legs. You could daily perform these in a free time by lying simply on the bed also.

Best Exercise for Lower Abs

If you are planning for six-pack abs then you should know that the exercises for each part of abs are different. It means a single exercise can not help you to build out all abs like upper and lower abs. And for lower abs legs raise exercise could be the best option. You can perform this exercise to built lower abs and for upper abs, you have to perform different exercises.

Are 100 Legs Raise Exercise Daily is Effective?

In a simple way, 100 legs raise exercise is not enough for your muscles to build up. This is because for building the muscles you need to train your body harder than yesterday and a good recovery. If you do not give your body time for recovery your muscle growth will decrease. While doing 100 legs raise for 30 days or even more, your body will be used to this exercise in some days. And after that, there will be no muscle strain r muscle stress in doing the legs raise exercise. If you want to do leg raise daily then you should increase the count when you feel that there is no muscle strain or stress.

After that also you are not giving enough recovery time for abdominal muscles. You could perform legs raise exercise 2-3 times a week leaving a day gap in between because this gives enough time to the muscles and cells for recovery.

How to Do Legs Raise

  1. Lie on your lower back, and your arms with the help of your sides.
  2. Keep your knees up, at the same time keeping your toes down / down.
  3. Raise your legs quickly in the air, and then use your middle muscles to do that.
  4. Lower your legs by half or all the way, rely on your comfort and lift them back
  5. Breathe in as you lower your legs, and exhale as you lift

Precaution while Doing Legs Raise

  • Do not lift up your shoulder
  • Do not put pressure on chest
  • Do not arch your back while bringing legs down

Repetitions For Legs Raise

  • Beginners- 10-15 Reps
  • Intermediate- 30-50 Reps
  • Perform 2-3 sets in a day.


All information provided here is just for general purposes. Always consult your doctor, dietitian or trainer before starting any fitness program.